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Transforming a Bathroom: Creating Extra Space

As families expand, the need for additional space becomes inevitable, even if it seems non-existent or unaffordable. This particular family found themselves in dire need of an extra shower room. With teenagers in the mix, the household craved more privacy and room.

The challenge was straightforward: how could we optimise their existing space to accommodate an extra shower room? Their initial solution came with an outrageous quote with respect to converting one of the bedrooms into a bathroom. This would also sacrifice valuable living space and potentially lower the house's value. I proposed a more cost-effective alternative: reclaiming space from the oversized main bathroom to create a wet room ensuite. This enabled the client to preserve a spacious family bathroom and living space. Not only did this solution come at a fraction of the cost but also ensured the house's value remained intact.

The idea of adding an extra door from their bedroom into the new ensuite initially raised concerns about room balance. To address this, I devised a solution: a secret door seamlessly integrated into the wall, maintaining the room's aesthetic harmony. Following an initial consultation and design phase, we embarked on a day of shopping in various bathroom and tile stores to materialise the couple's vision. Subsequently, I translated their preferences into mood boards and 3D designs, breathing life into the project.

From start to finish, the project spanned four weeks, culminating in a space that exceeded the clients' expectations. "It's my favourite room in the house," they exclaimed. For me, the ultimate satisfaction lies in crafting spaces that not only meet but exceed the client's desires, leaving them feeling proud and content.

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