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First-Time Buyer Flat Renovation

This project involved renovating a flat for a young couple purchasing their first home. Both working full-time, they were vulnerable to being ‘ripped off’ by tradespeople, despite their intelligence. Many perceive hiring a designer or project manager as an additional expense, but it's quite the opposite. In reality, it saves money by ensuring things are done correctly, complying with building regulations for future resale, and preventing cost overruns due to some deceitful builders.

The flat, boasting three bedrooms and a small garden, had potential but was a real mess. It needed rewiring, re-plastering, and the installation of a new bathroom and kitchen. Fortunately, the couple had a vision and out their trust in me with their project.

The design brief emphasised a contemporary style while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. With meticulous planning and spreadsheets, we devised a comprehensive strategy. Despite a tight budget, we proved that creating an amazing space is achievable. Over three months, the couple did all the grunt work: demolishing unwanted structures, stripping wallpaper, and sanding floors, while family and friends pitched in where possible. The team managed plumbing, electrics, plastering, and kitchen installation, with me providing guidance every step of the way.

It is lovely to see their home now coming to life and I am looking forward to designing the garden when they’re ready. 

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