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Outdoor Cooking Space

One of my latest projects was for a client hosting their wedding party in their garden. The brief was a large griddle and rustic pizza oven. Inspired by a visit to Hampton Court, they requested a Tudor Oven-style setup for their chef to work their culinary magic. Eager for the challenge, I crafted this rustic setup with the help of an assistant. Additionally, we installed a fire pit, sourced from my welding studio, where I often create custom pieces. We opted for reclaimed bricks and thick terracotta tiles for that authentic touch. While building the pizza oven was straightforward, perfecting the pizza-making technique was the real challenge. Nonetheless, the result was delicious, with the oven also proving versatile for cooking fish and meat. Over time, we've continued to enhance the space, adding an oak table  and a surrounding bench last summer. It's always a pleasure returning to clients' projects, adding finishing touches and tackling new spaces in their homes.

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