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The Emerald Sofa Living Room:
A Family Affair

Working with this wonderful family has been a joy. I’ve been with them since their two girls were just babies. As the kids grew older, they began to take over the family space entirely. Their main request was for the living room to be versatile—a place that could easily transition into a grown-up space for entertaining and maintain tidiness.

During a meeting at their house to discuss the function of the space, it became clear that both parents had slightly different ideas about shelving and colours. This is common, so I left them to mull it over and find a compromise. To gain clearer ideas about accessories, I took the mum, Katie ,  shopping for the day. It's always enjoyable, and we can adjust  the budget based on what the clients are comfortable with, whether it's £100.00 or £10,000.00 for a rug.

Practically, we needed to organise the toys into drawers that the kids could access themselves. We needed to bring in more light through the door, install new shutters, centralise the TV (which was in an odd place), and add more bookshelves. Instead of purchasing a new sofa, I persuaded them to consider reupholstering the fabulous-sized old one. It was a far more cost-effective option. Now the family adores the restyled  space, especially Reggie, their Dachshund, who's always found snuggled up on the big emerald sofa.

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