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My Grey & Pink Luxury Bathroom

Given the plethora of concepts I love, designing my own spaces is one of toughest tasks I face. For my luxury bathroom, I decided to align my designs with the Victorian aesthetic of my home while infusing a modern vibe. Functionality was key. I needed a wet room shower and an additional toilet in the house. As a designer, prioritising functionality is paramount to me. No matter how aesthetically pleasing a space may appear, if it doesn't serve its purpose effectively, it's a design failure.

With the abundance of grey and pink in my home, I chose to extend this colour scheme into the bathroom. House of Hackney, a local company with showrooms in Shoreditch and New York, offers remarkable wallpaper, fabrics, and tiles. I utilised these to add that extra "wow" factor to the space. The project spanned six weeks. My role as a designer is multifaceted and during the execution of my luxury bathroom I also attended to replacing one of my sash windows and concurrent house-related tasks. For me, performing these side projects is crucial to maintain the appearance and flow of my own home. It's always wise to consider other necessary renovations while the house is undergoing changes.

To optimise the six week project, I meticulously planned the timeline, considering drying times, plastering, painting, tiling, adhesive application, and so forth. Everything was ordered before commencing the project. I do this with any job, to importantly prevent delays. I never embark on a project without a clear start and finish date in mind. We now have a beautiful bathroom that I still walk into and can’t quite believe is mine especially as I grew up in a family  home with three brothers with the tiniest bathroom, one toilet for all of us and a big brother who spent so much time in the bathroom I don’t know how we coped.

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