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Basement Utility

When it comes to revamping a basement into a utility room, I'm all in. Basements are often overlooked spaces, but they hold untapped potential. Tanking, the process often associated with basements, doesn't have to break the bank. It's simpler and quicker than many assume,  and far less messy than installing a damp course, that I’ve had done for other clients.

For this basement project, my clients had a clear vision: they wanted it to resemble a rugby locker room. With a dad and two rugby-playing boys, mud was a constant reality. The room required a washer and dryer, adhere to gas and electric regulations, ensure accessible meters, and remain dry, even with a shower. To further add to the challenge, one of the walls was curved. Luckily, the client, with whom I've collaborated extensively, favoured clean lines and monochrome colours.

The project was complex in design but straightforward in execution. After the tanking, plumbing and electrical work, I spent four weeks onsite alongside my trusted master carpenter, crafting custom cabinets to fit the space perfectly. Once the cabinets were in place, the painter worked their magic. The result? A space the boys adore, with the added bonus of keeping mud out of the main house.

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