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 Interior / Exterior Design / Project Management London

With 20 years of experience as an art director, I've delved into various realms of design. From constructing sets, designing costumes ,to sourcing props for major TV commercials, I’ve seen it all. My journey led me to work as a stylist for renowned brands like Versace and Calvin Klein, traversing the globe in pursuit of creativity. However, my life changed direction when I embraced motherhood, prompting me to seek greater control over my schedule and workspace.

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For  all those years having worked to dead lines and budgets , I could never understand why when I had work done to my home by other tradesmen,  this seemed impossible. Also, how messy could workmen be? So I decided to take all my knowledge, down to the last screw and I set up Chicks On a Raft. I launched it with one simple concept in mind: save other homeowners from the frustrations I had experienced during my home renovations.


Having work done in your house is never easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. 

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